10 Best TeleMedicine Companies to Watch in 2020

Over the years, telemedicine has gained extreme popularity and much more during these times, mostly due to the Covid-19 breakout. The trends of telemedicine are contributing to shaping the future. Different types of telemedicine sectors have eventually helped businesses to come forward and provide assistance accordingly.

Telemedicine or telehealth refers to the distribution of health-related services using telecommunication devices and mostly via electronic communications. It has helped to bridge the gap between doctors and long-distance patients by removing the distance barriers. From a remote location itself, the healthcare providers can set reminders and go on with the examination of overall health.

The global telehealth market is expected to rise to $55.6 billion by 2025 and currently stands at USD 25.4 billion. Due to the Covid-19 breakout, it can be considered to be the fastest-growing sector. The adoption of Mhealth and digitization of the healthcare sector will bring a huge change in the industry. Businesses are investing a huge sum in IT digital services as far as healthcare is concerned. The era of digitization is shaping the future. Due to the rise of mHealth, several startups are leading the market growth.

Since going out is especially prohibited and patients with comorbid conditions can be prone to the virus, the telehealth sector has played an essential role in offering a sustainable solution in terms of prevention, treatment, and precaution to prevent Covid-19 breakout from spreading. Patients can communicate with healthcare providers from their homes, which may somehow prevent the spread of the virus. It is bringing change in terms of ICU programs and intensive care. Furthermore protects healthcare providers too from being exposed to the virus.

Telemedicine is capable of bringing changes in hospital workings. With these, the hospitals are expected to deliver the best with full capacity working like the regular times, most of which will be digital, thereby reducing any unwanted pressure.

10 Best TeleMedicine Companies to Watch in 2020

Akos MD


Doctor On Demand, Inc


Teladoc Health

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