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The proliferation of medical technology and its ever-increasing application in the healthcare industry is seeing an unprecedented new demand. This necessitates a unified knowledge base of innovative, disruptive tech and how they are reshaping the healthcare system as we speak. InfoMed Coverage aspires to lead the change in the healthcare industry by profiling leaders and figureheads, their work in the industry, and their perspective on how they are making a difference globally. In the midst of rising healthcare consumerism, we feel it is critical to look into the technological and healthcare challenges that great leaders confront, as well as share success stories that are relevant to our readers. We draw on our years of experience to lead important discussions that are relevant to our readers. It has long been our mission to proliferate innovation and excellence through our peer-to-peer magazine to benefit both healthcare solution vendors and corporations alike. Our publications bring to light strategies and principles that are employed by notable organizations that have truly made a difference in the industry. All in a strife to report upon the key solutions to challenges faced in the healthcare landscape in a way that best empowers our readers.

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