Doximity – The Medical Network Where care comes together

Today, telehealth has become more important than ever. However, there are very few convenient tools for doctors to connect with their patients online without the added hassle of the patients learning how to utilize a new software application. This is why Doximity has taken a step ahead to make telemedicine as simple as possible for professionals, including assisting them in combining their telehealth experience with their offline healthcare experience.

Being one of the largest communities of healthcare professionals in the United States, Doximity is the professional medical network that works for its physicians. It assists over a million healthcare professionals in identifying and resolving difficulties that are specific to clinicians by delivering the right solutions.

It achieves this by taking a look at the tools that doctors use on a daily basis and putting them all in one place, in one easy application meant to make clinicians’ lives a little bit simpler.

Doximity’s services make it simple for any mobile device to become a doctor’s telemedicine hub. Clinicians are naturally mobile, and so is Doximity. Thus, Doximity’s array of tools was created with this in mind. Clinicians may send and receive messages and calls with their patients while on the go, allowing them to be more efficient and productive without sacrificing their convenience.

The experts at Doximity include health tech leaders from various reputed institutions and employers that have helped Doximity achieve its goals and aspirations. It also works with industry thought leaders on the advisory board as well as several healthcare-focused investors.

Doximity was designed to make the work of healthcare practitioners easier and more efficient. Doximity’s technology is safe and secure, allowing for encrypted HIPAA-compliant conversations with patients and ensuring a simple and secure telehealth experience.

It allows professionals to meet their patients via voice and video chats from any device. With HIPAA-secure encryption, this technology allows doctors to keep in touch with not only their patients but also their professional colleagues and co-residents. It also expands the network of its clinicians with employers at renowned hospitals. Doximity also helps medical professionals remain up to date on the latest medical news and earn CME on the go.

Doximity envisions a future in which medical communication is simplified through telehealth networks. It seeks to provide both patients and clinicians with a simple, quick, and secure telehealth experience.

Doximity’s professional medical network includes a large number of doctors, and it is growing. Doximity is used by roughly 80% of all doctors in the United States, and 50% of nurse practitioners and physician assistants are verified members of the company. This makes Doximity the number one application system for clinicians in the United States.

The Doximity Dialer is particularly popular among its users since it allows professionals to contact their patients confidentially using an alternate caller ID. Instead of displaying their office number as their caller ID, physicians may now display their office number as their caller ID for a more seamless experience.

Doximity’s Dialer Video system is the easiest way for doctors to reach their patients face-to-face through their mobile devices. It is a system that works on any smartphone, and it is so simple that patients are not even required to download any application or create an account. With one simple tap, doctors can practice telemedicine with ease.

The Dialer Voice technology is a solution offered by Doximity to call patients on the go. It’s the most convenient way for doctors to call their patients on their cell phones while keeping their office number visible. Personal data does not have to be compromised for the sake of convenience anymore.

With the help of Doximity’s software, doctors can conduct one-click voice or video appointments with their patients, with a custom Caller ID that doctors can set to their hospital or clinic number, in order to protect their staff’s personal information. Doximity also ensures dedicated, one-on-one client support for all its experts, including account management and other technical support.

Because it is so workflow-friendly, Doximity Dialer is not only available to physicians, but it is also a straightforward software for whole organizations and hospitals, as well as specialized care teams. It improves existing workflows and has the added benefits of managing patient handoffs, group calls, and more.

It includes enterprise customizations such as branded virtual backdrops and business IDs, as well as a Business Associate Agreement between organizations and Doximity. Monthly thorough data showing each doctor’s Dialer usage across the board are provided to the organizations.

Doximity is designed to look after people who look after others, therefore it focuses on clinicians and their requirements so that they, in turn, may focus on their patients without interruption. Its product development is driven by a desire to meet doctors’ workflow demands and practice pain points.

Doximity takes a “clinician-first” approach, listening to its clinicians’ requirements and developing simple, accessible solutions to handle complicated challenges. This is because Doximity strongly believes that when medical care teams are connected, patients gain even more, allowing the medical industry to perform more efficiently and effectively.

“We’ve been humble enough to recognize that healthcare is a complex system, and that if you want to affect positive change, then you have to work from inside that system. We attribute much of our growth to this attitude: we focus on the needs of physicians first and foremost,” says Jeff Tangney, CEO.

With the aid of the Universal Clinician Directory of the United States, clinicians may search, discover, or contact any other healthcare practitioner in an instant, anytime, anywhere. Doximity also helps clinicians to stay up to date on the latest news and research in their area of expertise without having to go through a plethora of journals and publications.

There’s also the benefit of acquiring a free mobile electronic fax number, which allows you to send faxes from anywhere at any time. This proves useful when clinicians and professionals are required to send patient information through fax to different hospitals at times of emergency.

Doximity’s security team ensures that the company’s systems and data are always safe, and it does this by collaborating with security researchers to keep up to date on the newest online security technology and trends.

Doximity has proven to be one of the most comprehensive medical networks in the United States. It believes that medicine is a team sport, and it aims to come together with clinicians to provide their patients with the most straightforward, seamless telehealth experience possible. It’s a system that brings care and technology together.