Future Technologies – Refining Today For A Better Tomorrow

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) helps organizations handle samples and data with high efficiency. With LIMS, labs are able to easily automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated data. Users can also obtain more consistent results faster and track data from sequencing runs over time and between experiments to increase productivity.

The amount of data generated by modern genomics is extraordinary. Labs must modernize their approach to organizing, tracking, and centralizing genomics data in light of rising data quantities and samples throughout, as well as regular technological changes. This is where Future Technologies’ LIMS services come alive.

Future Technologies Inc. (FTI) has proved itself to be a reliable provider of technical support services and mission-critical information systems to governments and commercial sector organizations across the globe.

FTI offers LIMS Solutions to universities, crime labs, and partner countries. Currently, the organization has established business relationships with the Defense Health Agency and other state and local government organizations. Not only that, but FTI is also on the verge of building a federal customer base that includes the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and other Defense agencies. As it stands, FTI has a lot to contribute to the country’s internal and external security.

One of the main industry problems is the balanced and accelerated deployment of customized software technology that best fits the customer’s needs. This is where Future Technologies has transformed how business is done. The organization strives to provide quick customization of its software as readily as possible in order to reduce the long-term application maintenance expenses of its clients.

After being approached by the Department of Defense, FTI built LIMS based on a customized request with a tight deadline. To add more value, FTI has created a Laboratory Statistical Analysis Module (LSAM) which has widened and extended the capabilities of its original LIMS framework.

FTI puts much emphasis on talent retention. Its commitment to building and retaining a core team can be gauged from the fact that most software developers in the company have been working there for over 20 years. Additionally, for a company to sustain its consistent success, it must pay attention to customer collaboration. And FTI has delivered on its promise. Be it accelerated development, implementation or the deployment of customized solutions, the company does it all in remarkable efficiency.

Given the enormous advantages of LIMS, more commercial customers including crime labs, universities, and other partner nations have shown interest in FTI’s offerings.

The trends affecting the LIMS field differ depending on the market, such as commercial or government. As per those everchanging trends, FTI adapts its solutions, which offer a certain amount of customization, to meet the needs of its customers.

FTI’s DNA Laboratory Information Management and Analysis System (LIMS) systems are the first and only program specifically built for DNA analysis, and the only one that allows investigative institutions to automate lab administration, case management, and DNA analyses effectively and reliably. Soon, FTI’s LSAM Baseline Software Tool will hopefully get its patent approval, which is all set to change the course of the entire industry altogether.

With time, the organization has succeeded to spectacularly grow its range of services. Today, Future Technologies Inc. tackles even the most complex system designs, thanks to its strong expertise and dedicated leadership.

As our business has grown, so too has our range of expertise. From basic facilities management to the most complex system design and data analyses, FTI is prepared to meet the technical and program support demands of federal, state, local and international government organizations, as well as US DoD, academic institutions, and private sector organizations”, said Ram N. Gupta, the President/CEO of Future Technologies inc.

As it stands, Future Technologies Inc. has been transforming the industry by bringing newer solutions to solve complex problems. With an impressive innovative trajectory and an incredible corporate vision in its arsenal, the company is all set to pave a path for the eradication of challenges related to technical support and information.