HealthTap – 24/7 virtual visits & answers with US doctors

Not only is healthcare increasingly crucial in this day and age, but affordable and accessible healthcare is of paramount importance. Families have felt the sting of rising healthcare expenses as they continue to increase faster than household earnings, let alone faster than the economy in itself.

With HealthTap, individuals can tap into some of the most affordable virtual healthcare available. It is a health care provider that offers both, Urgent Care as well as Primary Care to individuals with or without insurance. Members can connect with any doctor round the clock from their mobile or computer devices, and get a consultation with doctors either via text or video.

From treatment plans and prescriptions to lab testing and referral suggestions, HealthTap experts cover the complete gamut of general healthcare. HealthTap also offers its library of health-related questions asked by HealthTap members that are addressed by its professional doctors that specialize in a variety of fields. Members also have access to an AI-powered symptom checker that may help them figure out what’s wrong and what to do next.

HealthTap aspires to provide real-time access to affordable health care of exceptional quality to all its members. This is accomplished via the use of technology that directs individuals to peer-reviewed, individualized health information, and connects every individual user to the right doctor as quickly as possible, saving both, time and energy for its users.

With instant access to free healthcare tools like Doctor Q&A and the HealthTap AI, each user gets all the necessary information they need to proceed with further healthcare treatment.

The free online symptom checker, the HealthTap AI, is powered by artificial intelligence and trained by experts in the medical field. The input from HealthTap’s doctors helps users check their symptoms by responding to a series of questions with easy taps or clicks. A list of potential causes is provided to the user, as well as guidance for what to do next.

What makes the experience with the HealthTap AI so seamless is that if the user then decides to book a virtual appointment with a doctor, they automatically receive the information from the user’s HealthTap AI session regarding their symptoms and potential causes.

HealthTap is pleased to be one of the most economical primary care and virtual healthcare services in the United States. It is also cost-effective and adaptable for businesses of all sizes to assist their employees in staying healthy and safe. HealthTap’s security systems are held to the highest technological and healthcare industry standards, including the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Members have total discretion over who has access to their medical records.

It focuses on a wide range of healthcare sectors for individuals of all ages and genders, as well as sexual health and travel medicine. It not only deals with continuous healthcare and chronic treatment but also wellness and lifestyle strategies, as well as prevention. HealthTap believes that healthcare of the highest quality is a fundamental right for every human being, and thus should be accessible to all individuals.

In addition to physical health, HealthTap has specialists that deal with mental and behavioral health. It strives to provide services either for free or for as affordable of a rate as possible to individuals who either have or don’t have insurance.

HealthTap has undergone independent testing, auditing, certification, and accreditation. Its experts have an active medical license, and the HealthTap Medical Group doctors are board-certified as well.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual healthcare has become one of the most in-demand forms of healthcare throughout the world. People now, more than ever, want access to inexpensive healthcare from the comfort of their own homes and at the click of a button. HealthTap is proud to have provided its members with just that.

“The COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread adoption of virtual care and highlighted the unmet need for improved access to primary care for people who don’t carry insurance or have employer benefits…As people continue to embrace telehealth for its convenience and affordability, that demand will continue to grow for decades to come” says Sean K Mehra, CEO

Through the HealthTap Doctor Network, over 90,000 doctors from 147 specialties volunteer to share their knowledge and information with millions of HealthTap members as well as other doctors. Its specialists can also issue prescriptions for members at their chosen pharmacies.

What makes HealthTap the preferred health care service provider for most individuals is that it accepts hundreds of different insurance plans that individuals can use on both, Urgent Care as well as Primary Care. Because HealthTap believes in providing the right care at the right time, it is also designed for individuals without insurance.

With the help of HealthTap, one can tap into millions of doctor answers, and find the care that works best for them.