LabWare – Laboratory Automation for the Modern Lab

We are in 2022 with new companies coming up every day for all software needs. But the real achievers are the ones who have innovated, learned, and evolved. When it comes to the best laboratory information management system (LIMS), it is hard to look past LabWare, a company withholding its stance since 1987.

As a dedicated LIMS, LabWare automates laboratory processes and tracks samples, results, and tests. It was initially conceptualized to automate the clerical activities in a laboratory while processing analytical results. But with years, it grew to be a full-fledged laboratory information management system, now offering cloud-based services, too. For its advanced technical expertise, LabWare also won in the LIMS category of Scientific Computing and Instrumentation’s Readers’ Choice Award, every year from 2000 to 2008, along with several other accolades for its exemplary service.

With three decades of experience and assured customer satisfaction, LabWare is nothing short of a global leader for LIMS. LabWare takes pride in being “Built in Delaware. Loved around the world.” LabWare had come from humble beginnings back in Wilmington, Delaware, but it continually administered results year after year, it was able to spread its wings as it expanded its horizons.

There are 40 LabWare offices across six continents, with its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. It has focused on building the best laboratory informatics solutions in the world so that all the analysts, laboratory managers, and scientists can work efficiently and accurately. As a true industry leader, it also steered the future of laboratory automation by expediting testing for mobile labs and delivering quicker results during the peak of COVID-19.

“LabWare’s mission statement is to be the best LIMS provider in the world. So everything we do when we build and enhance our product is a result of the needs of our customers. We need to have alliances with them so that we can understand the best way to make the product and create the most value for them. We know if we stick to creating value for our customers, we’ll be in business a long time,” says Vance Kershner, Founder & CEO at LabWare.

Following its ethos of customer satisfaction, LabWare is now trusted by over 29,000 laboratories and 2,500 companies, all over the world. The software is commonly used in the US, Ireland, South Africa, and Australia to test for food, air, and water quality. Its top clientele includes Hershey’s, Kellogg’s, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, Good Year, USDA, and National Institutes of Health, to name a few. The trust of these industry leaders in LabWare reflects the value of its promise to improve any lab’s efficiency, productivity, data integrity, throughput, and compliance. As far as the statistics reveal, LabWare is used in 125 countries with 1,50,000 daily users testing 1,00,00,00,000 samples per year. These numbers are the testimony of LabWare’s brilliant services, led and guided by true visionaries.

About 98% of labs from varied organizations recommend LabWare to streamline their workflow and documentation. The best part about using its automated services is that it can reduce the overall costs by monitoring and simplifying all complex processes. It also cuts down on extensive manual work and any possibility of human error by inculcating the practice of electronic record keeping. It can also search, analyze, consolidate, and trend laboratory data during final report automation like COAs. With its support for electronic signatures, audit trails, and thorough electronic record keeping, it can make it easy to maintain quality checks and compliance with all regulations. The dashboard of LabWare is also easy to operate, and it comes with a portal for external stakeholders.

The top LIMS features offered by LabWare include Lot Management, Stability Management, Environmental Monitoring, Instrument Interfacing, Sample Login and Management, Result Entry, Batch Manager, Inventory Management, and Data Search, Visualization, and Analytics

But all LIMS platforms can somewhat perform the above-mentioned features. So what makes LabWare different from them? LabWare does not believe in tailor-making software for diverse industries. Its USP is to create a product so capable and robust that it outperforms every competition without individual customization. This is why LabWare is designed to be a fully configurable platform that can work for almost any laboratory, irrespective of the industry and their workflow. LabWare LIMS comes with multiple deployment options for smooth integration with all the instruments, and to offer clear visibility of the laboratories.

It has four different LIMS deployment options, namely LabWare SaaS, LabWare Hosted, Your Cloud, and Self-Hosted. LabWare SaaS is pre-configured and validated for quick deployment, cloud-hosted by LabWare. Similarly, LabWare Hosted offers optimized solutions for the client, cloud-hosted by LabWare. Your Cloud is deployed with a cloud provider as per the clients’ choice, and Self-Hosted is locally hosted on-premises.

Along with these facilities, labs, and companies can also opt for various add-ons, like a mobile app to access the LIMS data anywhere from a smartphone There is an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for electronically documenting and storing LIMS data. It also offers Portable Disease Surveillance Lab (PDSL) to reduce the turnaround time for COVID-19 testing and deliver quick results.

Currently, LabWare offers its services across multiple walks of commerce, like biobanking, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, mining and metals, process and chemical, healthcare, forensics, environmental, food and beverage, and contract services. It also offers cloud-based SaaS LIMS facilities for hemp and cannabis testing laboratories. Recently, LabWare launched its own mobile application called LabWare MOBILE, for Android and iOS platforms. The app has made operating its system further easier, at the touch of fingertips. Constantly upgrading its software to offer better and advanced services, it also introduced an update, LabWare 8, to create and support modern laboratories of 2022.

Technology is not just about a few intelligent individuals, but about offering more benefits to the mass. LabWare conducts customer education conferences and training as virtual and in-person events. Furthermore, it offers free resources like e-books, case studies, and guides for everyone in a laboratory team – be it the LIMS manager or the scientists. LabWare is indeed stepping beyond providing laboratory information management services, becoming truly one of the most competent LIMS to look out for in 2022.