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Teleradiology has empowered and enabled the healthcare practice to advance to a whole new level of support, and efficiency.  Teleradiology improves patient care by allowing radiologists to deliver their services without having to be physically present with the patient.

In large metropolitan regions, where the availability of healthcare sub-specialists such as musculoskeletal radiologists, pediatric radiologists, neuroradiologists, or MRI radiologists seems scarce under stressful situations; like the recent pandemic outbreak, teleradiology, stands tall, allowing 24-hours access to skilled professionals in diagnosing and treating their patients.

The McKesson Corporation is a multinational healthcare business committed to democratizing care, in every single environment. The organization collaborates with healthcare professionals, pharmacists, manufacturers, and others to ensure that appropriate medications, medical goods, and healthcare services are delivered to the right people at the right time.

Teleradiology also allows physicians and radiologists to learn new skills and improve their professional knowledge. Through presentations and learning sessions held by clinical radiologists and other experienced health care specialists in the area, the technology has proved to be an instructional tool for learning. To operate more effectively, decrease costs, and enhance patient health, the healthcare industry heavily relies on McKesson’s collaborative distribution and technological solutions.

Hospitals and trauma centers are built to rapidly respond to emergencies and impairment, even under frequent high pressure and distress. To garner its support in such situations, McKesson’s Teleradiology solutions are meant to provide appropriate and high-quality diagnosis,  care, and treatment.

If clinically significant differences are not identified and handled promptly, they can result in major patient care concerns, including death, as well as an increased chance of costly lawsuits. McKesson’s Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) is an integrated method for improving communication and workflow between the ED and radiology departments to ensure that any inconsistencies are quickly discovered, reported, and rectified.

As one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, McKesson also assists medical professionals in taking ownership and managing their IT investments so that patients can get the best possible radiology services required while the clinician gets a convenient, implementable business framework. McKesson Radiology’s deployment choices allow users to connect to their patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and conduct necessary workflow in and around their institution, as well as outside of it.

McKesson Teleradiology provides imaging information that healthcare professionals need, whenever and wherever required. From the tried-and-tested desktop counterpart to today’s cutting-edge mobile devices, McKesson aims to explore newer industrial avenues by supporting business-critical systems and workflow processes now and in the future, simultaneously enhancing the global radiology industry.

The simplicity of the clinical reference viewer is refreshing. We had been looking for a viewer that was truly agnostic when it came to the choice of platform (i.e., MAC, PC, laptop, tablet), OS and browser to satisfy the varied needs of our referring community.”, said Freddie Adorno, the Manager of Enterprise Imaging Informatics at NYACK Hospital.

McKesson recognizes that healthcare institutions operate in multi-vendor, heterogeneous environments through a variety of technologies. Therefore, these medical institutions require an indefectible channel to connect through a large number of imaging fields and subspecialties. That is exactly what the McKesson Teleradiology solution brings to fruition by turning PACS workstations into multidisciplinary corporate imaging platforms. The organization’s leadership is clear on its vision and in control of its inventive trajectory.

McKesson Corporation has consistently demonstrated its ability to interface with a wide range of third-party solutions resulting in a genuine return on investment (ROI) for them. Their ability to interface with market-leading suppliers, as a healthcare IT business, combines the real value of individual solutions with McKesson’s leading radiology solution platform.

Reshaping the culture, defining a strategy, and then staying focused and true to that culture and that strategy. We need to continue to focus on the things that are the bigger ideas… Focus and simplification and speed are things that I’m very focused on. But they all start, in my opinion, by defining culture,” said Brian S Tyler, the company’s CEO in an interview with Dallas Business Journal, while speaking about his vision of reshaping the industrial culture: the foster home of ‘bigger’ ideas.

The McKesson Radiology PACS solution’s client application provides web-based access, allowing clinical staff and physicians, faster and easier access to patient images and reports. This has led to an increased engagement and a better experience for everyone involved in the process, the physicians, clinicians, and patients. The company is also well-positioned for future development and expansion since its new platform makes it easier to satisfy end-user and market-specific requirements.

McKesson Teleradiology displays, analyzes, distributes, and stores data; all image types, reports, and scans, from not only radiology but also its subspecialties, namely nuclear medicine, orthopedics, advanced visualization, and mammography. On the contrary, traditional PACS solutions are able to handle diagnostic imaging only.

Rural medical practices and hospitals have been utilizing teleradiology to develop their networks with other medical facilities and hospitals without having to hire additional manpower. Rural hospitals can quickly and expertly analyze medical pictures by sending them to teleradiology companies.

Medical attention does not have any hindrances whether it is a weekend, emergency, holiday, vacation, or after-hours services, thanks to McKesson’s teleradiology division, as its innovations aid the shrinkage of the distance between medical experts and their patients. Medical centers that use this type of telemedicine can give services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is excellent news by all means.

“McKesson’s solution is helping us practice in a more coordinated fashion with caregivers and patients in a variety of ways. It has been adopted by our referring community and is very easy to use. It has allowed us to easily, quickly, and readily distribute images and information across the enterprise,” said Mark Geller, M.D., chairman of the Center for Diagnostic Imaging NYACK Hospital.

Not only is operational excellence the core of McKesson’s mission statement but their business method is also about the development of their staff. The organization invokes a sense of responsibility among its employees and motivates them to work toward a common goal – improving the overall healthcare system for everyone’s benefit.

The organization believes that by working with ethical integrity and a customer-first approach, they can achieve their noble objectives that may prove catalytic for the overall growth and expansion of the global healthcare and radiology industry.