New Drug for Hypertension Patients Who Are Unresponsive to Other Drugs

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Hypertension refers to the condition of high blood pressure in any person. This condition is commonly found in older people aged 50 and above. With high blood pressure, the internal system faces more blood flow than required which can also result in many issues. Hypertension has been a major cause of strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failures.

About Hypertension Drugs

Over the years, many drugs have been developed to bring hypertension under control. Many of these drugs contain key elements such as acebutolol, atenolol, nadolol, etc. These elements help reduce the heart rate, block nerve activity, and decrease the stress on nerves, which helps bring hypertension under control.

Why Some Drugs Might Not Work for Everyone

If a patient has been trying many medications to control the issue of hypertension but has been resistant, there might be a few reasons why the hypertension medications are not working. Let’s take a look at these:

Improper Diet

Sodium is usually the culprit in many hypertension cases, which people cut down by avoiding salt. However, many people fail to validate the amount of sodium in their food intake. If patients are consuming any frozen foods or canned foods, they already contain a lot of sodium in the form of preservatives which could block or reverse the effect of regular hypertension medication.

Incorrect Dosage

Medication dosage might have been incorrect or has not been continued as directed by the doctors.

Smoking/Alcohol Consumption

Quitting these negative habits of cigarettes and alcohol can significantly decrease any cardiovascular risk.

Baxdrostat: A Lifesaver Drug

If all these facts do not match your case, don’t worry, Because now there is a drug on the market that can suit anyone and everyone.

This drug is called Baxdrostat and has shown some positive results in patients who have failed to respond to typical hypertension treatments. A common study suggests that the majority of the patients who did not respond to any traditional medications for hypertension are those with a higher level of aldosterone hormones in them. These hormones usually work towards retaining the amount of bodily salts and sodium in the body, which results in increased blood pressure.

A drug like Baxdrostat controls the production of the aldosterone hormone. It curbs the sodium levels in blood and urine, which also helps keep the blood pressure under control. Many trial tests have proven fruitful results; however, the drug is not yet available for sale. The idea is yet to be correlated with practicals.

The major challenge in creating a perfect formula for Baxdrostat is creating an enzyme similar to replace the enzyme, which creates aldosterone in the body and, at the same time, produces cortisol which is an important steroid hormone.

With many medical practitioners from the Queen Mary University of London and CinCor Pharma, USA, this drug has been willfully passing every test since its production. The good news is that it should soon be on the market and open for sale.

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