P23 Labs – A molecular diagnostics lab with a difference

P23 Labs embraces accessible molecular diagnostics

Over the last decade, the field of molecular diagnostics has rapidly evolved. It encompasses several sectors, including genetics, pharmacogenomics, and infectious diseases. The underlying principles and potential sources of error are what bind these diverse fields together.

Molecular diagnostics consist of any testing involving DNA, RNA, and/or proteins from macro and microorganisms, such as humans and viruses. The pioneering companies have contributed towards the goal of achieving precision medicine through the integration of new, innovative technologies and tests.

Founded in 2019, P23 Labs is a high-complexity molecular diagnostic company that specializes in the preventative testing of a range of infectious diseases. A trusted leader in laboratory excellence, it endeavours to remove the obstacles to medical services, and improve healthcare literacy.

As stated by George Montgomery, President of P23 Labs, the principle of the company is, “Our vision encourages us to find the magic, balance, and integration between science, medicine, health, digital healthcare, and clinical diagnostics. We are driven by our pursuit of excellence, passion for science and innovation, and desire to become the largest private preventative public health laboratory in the United States.”

By increasing healthcare accessibility, P23 Labs aims to fortify the relationship between patients and providers. The company’s vision is to become a leader amongst contract research organizations and the first to offer genetic identity products directly to the consumer.

Aided by the latest technologies, P23 Labs’ range of services includes molecular genetic testing, oncology, full DNA testing, and clinical research testing. The laboratory also works with telehealth and telemedicine clients, to provide lab testing facilities and timely, accurate results.

For healthcare providers, diagnostic laboratory and molecular genetic testing are available for order. These facilities serve as unparalleled tools that empower patients and provide physicians with insightful results.

For consumers, P23 Labs’ DNA-based laboratory tests are available directly for order right on the website. The at-home test kits can help people to improve their health and lifestyle, for instance, by enhancing their skincare, body care, and nutrition. A dedicated weight loss support program can be customized according to a person’s needs.

Personal clinical and wellness consultations help people get the care they need and deserve. They include a health assessment by reputed providers, followed by testing recommendations, and product orders, as needed.

P23 Labs prides itself on being the first laboratory to pioneer a new take on personalized medicine and molecular genetic testing direct to consumer. Its tests are primarily focused on the individual, with many of the products based on the person’s DNA and RNA of the targeted infectious disease. This enables the company to positively impact outcomes specific to the person while benefiting those who are yet to eliminate the disease.

The stellar tests also help medical professionals with medicine selection for the individual, and antibiotic treatment against infectious diseases. “We employ methods like PCR, Mass Array, Genetic Sequencing, and ELISA to provide the best available, state-of-art results to drive outcomes. This allows us to educate and empower our patients and partner with our providers for the best outcomes for the patients,” says George Montgomery.

This innovative approach towards testing equips P23 Labs with fast, reliable, and accurate results. The benefit is that patients use medications that promote wellness and speedy recovery, thereby minimizing any adverse reactions.

Some of the leading challenges in the molecular diagnostics space are cost and turnaround times. While P23 Labs tries to provide the fastest results at the lowest cost wherever possible, it makes a major difference when it comes to customizing services to fit within customer operations. By doing so, the company offers a unique value proposition that other ‘one-size-fits-all’ labs are unable to offer.

“I believe that our differentiator is that we are focused on health equity, trust, customer service, and giving back to our community. Of course, we have a strong focus on providing stellar laboratory testing services, we have incredible equipment and wonderfully talented team members, but we do what we do with service in our hearts,” states George Montgomery.

These principles that the company is rooted in, set it apart from its competitors. It listens to its customers’ needs and then customizes its services to meet them. The team at P23 Labs consciously works towards rebuilding trust within the community, by improving accessibility to reliable healthcare, and giving back to those in need to help make a positive difference.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath played a major role in the huge shift towards telehealth, or digital healthcare. Some of the driving forces which worked towards the benefit of telehealth include convenience, cost-effectiveness, and responsiveness.

This shift, in turn, drove telehealth companies to partner with labs that could facilitate testing within these parameters. There was, and still is, a huge surge in demand for shipping specimen collection devices to a patient’s door, instead of urging them to come to a doctor’s office, or collection center to initiate diagnostic testing. P23 Labs effectively addressed this need, by enabling patients to have affordable, private, and convenient care where they need it the most. The specimen can be collected irrespective of location, be it dorm rooms or the car while on the go, with complete reliability, urgency, and accuracy.

To accommodate the surge in demand that was stimulated by the pandemic, the company increased its laboratory capacity. In fact, during the pandemic, P23 was the second lab in the United States and the first one in Canada to offer at-home test collection kits, with a saliva collection device for detecting COVID-19 as soon as they are shipped back to the lab for testing.

The saliva-based, reverse polymerase chain reaction (RT_PCR) test eliminates the compulsion of an uncomfortable nasal swab. The at-home COVID-19 kit helped reduce the spread of the highly infectious disease by keeping infected people at home. This meant that healthy people could continue to productively work in various industries, from healthcare to sports and entertainment.

Furthermore, to date, P23 Labs has announced a new P23 Respiratory ONE test, which can detect respiratory illnesses that share similar symptoms with COVID-19, such as the common cold, different influenza strains, and five Coronavirus strains, including SARS-COV-2. The test can be ordered by a physician or a telemedicine provider when their patients test negative for COVID-19 but are still symptomatic. The test analyses a single non-invasive saliva or nasal swab sample submitted to P23 Labs and narrows down the illness by testing it across multiple assays within 48 hours.

P23 Labs is poised to expand its geographical footprint, with new lab spaces across the U.S. It has also optimized its Savannah laboratory to increase the capacity based on the market demand and opened a new location in Hilton Head, South Carolina, in the backyard of the only hospital on the island. However, the newest location, opening September 2021, is in San Juan, Puerto Rico, conveniently located by the largest hospital and poised to be the only molecular boutique laboratory on the island.

The company has undergone a rebranding that was aimed at reinforcing and solidifying its market presence. Soon, P23 Labs plans to expand and create more affordable solutions that can be accessed right at home. Additionally, it aims to prevent high, avoidable emergency room bills.

“P23 Labs will become a positive household name. Whether it is a runny nose or frequent urination, we want to be the kit in your bathroom cabinet to help you identify the problem and correct it with the best solution so you can get back to comfort. Although we became known during COVID-19, our testing and services never end there. Let us be your partner in good health! ” said George Montgomery.

P23 is so much more than a mere clinical laboratory; its services and solutions in the diagnostic world elevate it into a molecular innovation wonderland, especially for the underserved communities in the U.S. P23 Labs will continue to evolve and grow, to adapt to the diagnostic testing requirements that the world needs, and ultimately conquer the big leagues in the molecular diagnostics space.