Roche – Transforming testing & treatment together

Molecular diagnostics has witnessed rapid growth over the past few years, perhaps bolstered even more, by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One exemplary diagnostics company that has been working to make a significant difference in this field, since its very inception, is Roche Molecular Diagnostics. The aim of Roche Diagnostics has always been to give people confidence in the performance of its diagnostic tests and accurate results.

The main focus of Roche Diagnostics is blood diagnosis where only automated systems are used with assays for Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT), serology, and personalized lab automation. There is also a clinical chemistry and immunochemistry department where analysis of the solutions is done with a broad range of assays and tests based on innovative technologies to fit all testing needs. It has also targeted diagnostics tests that help in the choice of specific therapies for individual patients. The experts’ opinions are also incorporated with the results to give the whole picture to the clients.

The newest cutting-edge technologies, however, are custom biotechnological practices with various products and solutions for manufacturers in the diagnostics and pharma biotech industry. The company also offers instant diabetes care with efficient blood glucose monitoring systems and services for the management of diabetes. Roche has made itself almost synonymous with healthcare principles.

The lab automation and software solutions simplify all the necessary operations, reduce manual tasks thus reducing manual errors in diagnosis, and increase efficiency and quality. Roche also offers over-the-top clinical solutions for infectious disease, donor screening, sexual health, genomics, and oncology. Quick solutions are also crafted to deliver robust and immediate results outside the central lab where needed. The high-tech tissue diagnostic services are also available with lab instruments and clinical assays that automate and optimize the analysis of tissue biopsies

The blend of the science of advanced diagnostics with the experts’ knowledge for a healthier future is very important.”, says Severin Schwan, CEO of Roche Molecular Diagnostics. “The practice of medicine remains an art, but it’s the science that drives the decisions doctors make.

And science never stops. Every day, medical research adds more information to the global knowledge base about the causes of disease, treatment options, and the ways patients respond.” continues Severin Schwan.

Roche recognizes that the challenges that healthcare has to bypass currently, are how to take a large amount of information, assimilate it, and get the essential insights to reach a timely decision. That is where it has incorporated advanced diagnostics and synchronous healthcare data to benefit doctors, patients, and healthcare systems around the world.

Roche can be considered one of the pioneers of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology as it was a Nobel Prize-winning venture that is now used everywhere, especially with the Covid-19 situation where RT-PCR is the gold standard for testing. They still continue to hold their products to the highest performance standards to give everyone confidence in every result.

Roche follows the three main principles: automation, digitalization, and integration with the Integrated Core Lab (ICL) which contributes a lot to efficiency, scope, and quality of diagnostic capabilities.

  • Automation stands for all its cutting-edge technology.
  • Digitalization is proved by them having the world’s first automated laboratory system with clear results with accurate diagnoses.
  • Integration includes all the laboratory tests, imaging studies, medical histories, and doctors’ reports to give a summed-up account of the patient.

Roche Diagnostics has conducted over 20 billion tests for patients in more than 100 countries exemplifying the principle of prevention being better than cure. Accurate screening, diagnosis, and monitoring can improve patient outcomes and enjoy a better quality of life which is exactly what Roche Diagnostics aims for. This is in line with the vision of the company, which as stated by Severin Schwan is, “To combine advanced diagnostic science with the physician’s art and expertise, and together, build the bridge to a brighter and healthier future.