Sunquest – Offering comprehensive laboratory informatics

2020 was the year of doctors and laboratories with so many orders pooled for test results. As an indispensable part of modern human life, technology came of great assistance then. With automated Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), the workflow of laboratories stood streamlined even when demand skyrocketed.

Laboratories from all over the world are now increasingly choosing LIMS for flexible and scalable facilities. But when it comes to trusting the experience, Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. stands unmatched. With strong technical and business acumen, it has continued to meet the demands of laboratories and help in resolving complex healthcare challenges since 1979. It is currently headquartered in Tucson, AZ, alongside several offices in Calabasas, CA, and India.

A proof of its constant learning and development is that even after four decades in the industry, it continues to win accolades and acknowledgment for its performance. It recently emerged out to be “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers – 2020” by CIO Review, alongside ranking #1 by BlackBook Research, getting recognition from Frost & Sullivan, and being appreciated for its “Breakthrough Technology” by The Boston Globe.

President & CEO of Sunquest Information Systems, Inc., Michael J Simpson, believes that they are unleashing innovation to solve the greatest challenges in health care. He notes, “Sunquest Information Systems & CliniSys Group are the ones bringing laboratories to new heights with wide-ranging technical and cross-discipline expertise, providing services to over 3500 Diagnostic Laboratories in over 30 countries. As the world’s largest, solely dedicated laboratory IT specialists, we offer unique insight to enable faster and safer results to the point of care for patients.”

The main reason behind Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.’s success is the constant strive for innovating laboratories. It not only unifies data and processes of the laboratory, but also works towards ensuring the best patient outcomes and inculcates strong decision-making. It helps healthcare organizations refine their cultural system and allow new competencies and services in the network to navigate towards growth.

The main clientele of Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. comes from diverse industries like Hospitals and Health Systems, Cancer Centers, Academic Medical Centers, Molecular Labs, National Reference Labs, and Public Health Agencies.

Sunquest Information Systems, Inc., as a LIMS service, aims for the sky. With an easy-to-use interface and advanced connectivity, it can help manage multi-lab networks and ensure patient safety while driving revenue. The entire LIMS by Sunquest Information Systems is highly configurable to support diverse equipment and workflows. By streamlining the laboratory operation, LIMS also reduces the cost per test. For clinical, anatomic, pathology, and molecular/genetics, it offers integrated solutions despite complex lab workflows. Set distinct from other LIMS services, Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. supports public health organizations in disease outbreak management and surveillance. The platform also offers clinical insights that can elevate the experience of both patient and clinician.

It also enables LIMS for molecular and genetic diagnostics that can test large volumes with scalable processes to reduce the turnaround time. It can also streamline the CAP/CLIA inspections by leveraging the built-in tools for compliance and audit trails. The LIMS also supports connections with clinical LISs, EHRs, instruments, and middleware.

By minimizing IT overhead with cloud-based deployment, Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. is designed to not just automate processes in a laboratory and make them paperless, but to help the labs grow too. It can maximize efficiency and productivity to drive business growth while fostering accuracy and flexibility.

As LIMS is expected to be an extension of laboratories, Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. stands true to its mission of making healthcare smarter with simple solutions and making the best of technology.