The Role Of LIMS For Better Customer Service

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It is the global goal and understanding in every customer-related industry that delivering quality customer service and experience is primary. Even with first-rate technology and impeccable customer relations, you will likely encounter bumps in the road. Here is how Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) can be beneficial to managing tricky and consuming customer service issues.

Managing Turnaround Time

The ability to buy time would change the game. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The turnaround time of samples is among the most common complaints that laboratories receive from customers. A LIMS offers the laboratory management a real-time view of the sample progress through the laboratory, keeping them entirely informed and up to date. This is generally a standard feature that accompanies a LIMS. Certain LIMS supply the customer access to a read-only sample progress update on the progress of their results.

Along with this function comes the concern that you may reveal too much information to your customers. If this is the case, you can specify your LIMS search by ensuring that you acquire one that allows you to segregate, monitor and manage what data is available for your customers to see. Altogether, this function ensures that your customers have marginally fewer enquiries and can check up on progress as they please. This gives your laboratory more undisturbed time to devote to analysing samples, ultimately improving turnaround times.

Clearer Communication

Clear and consistent communication between the laboratory and the customer is vital to improving customer relations. Generally, customer complaints arise due to expectations not being met and the most effective way to ensure a free flow of valuable communication is by keeping customers notified and up to date. A LIMS is equipped with a notification function that seamlessly issues notifications to your customers updating them on the progress of results and such while being sure not to harass your customers.


Most commonly, your customers are simply awaiting test results and can grow a bit impatient. The best way to combat this is with impeccable reports encapsulating accurate and meaningful data. Without the help of a LIMS, this could take ages to put together which ultimately increases the likelihood of customer complaints. A LIMS can assist you with this task, ensuring that your customers receive their results in a digestible way before they have even generated the thought to voice a complaint.

These are but a few ways in which a modern-day LIMS can contribute to better customer service. LIMS is a multifaceted approach to laboratory management, and its most key functions revolve around its ability to produce reliable results at a favourable rate. For more information on LIMS, get in touch with an Integrated Software Solutions consultant today.

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