10 Innovative Molecular Diagnostics Companies to Watch in 2021

Molecular diagnostics or molecular pathology involves taking a person’s biological markers and analyzing them to gain insights into potential diseases the person may have or could develop.

Molecular diagnostics companies use this technique to detect risk, diagnose or monitor disease, and ultimately decide on the best course of action for individual patients. Therefore, the field of molecular diagnostics offers the prospect of personalized medicine.

It encompasses the fields of infectious disease, coagulation, oncology, and even pharmacogenomics, to name a few. The field has undergone a period of rapid development that has bolstered its growth over the past decade.

This has been possible due to the implementation and integration of new technologies, and high complexity tests in molecular diagnostics companies. This has ushered in a new era of precision medicine, where quality control and assurance are maintained, errors are minimized, and regulations are adhered to.

Next-generation sequencing and genome-wide association studies are some emerging trends that are likely to shape the future of molecular diagnostics. These provide invaluable insights, and a deep understanding of the mechanisms of a disease, which will allow physicians to assess predisposition to a disease, and design or implement accurate, refined diagnostic methods.  As molecular diagnostic companies continue to evolve, the potential that they have to provide rapid and accurate results is becoming evident.

10 Innovative Molecular Diagnostics Companies to Watch in 2021

Admera Health

Freenome Holdings, Inc.

GoPath Laboratories


Myriad Genetics


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