10 Best LIMS Companies to Watch in 2022


Laboratory studies involve large samples that are subject to transcription errors when processed manually.  With the invention of technology, informatics-based methods were developed to centralize data and automate reporting methods. A quest to build such an architecture for laboratories led to the inception of LIMS.

Introduced in 1982, Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS) is a blessing to the research world. It is currently a software as service(SaaS) based solution that leverages workflow, data search, exchange, inventory surveillance, and reporting systems for various business intelligence purposes and scientific endeavors.

Sample loss or duplication always interfered with the quality of the study. LIMS overcomes this issue with its unique electronic signatures that track their lifecycle. It also offers instrument integration for data extraction and the facility to import raw data in molecular assays like RT-qPCR and genome sequencing.

Similar to every other product in this world, LIMS is also obliged to certain quality standards such as HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11 from FDA, USA, Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP), and various ISO standards.

The COVID-19 pandemic witnessed the expeditious development of vaccines and drugs. It is because of LIMS that eases the clinical trials and drug and development process that regulates data to identify biomarkers and validates results to utmost precision.

10 Best LIMS Companies to Watch in 2022

Abbott Informatics Corporation

AgileBio, LLC

Autoscribe Informatics


Sapio Sciences

Digital Magazine